*Due to the Covid-19 crisis these auditions will be held virtually. Parents are asked to email a video of their child's audition to info@AVKidsMiami.com. Acting and music lessons will be held virtually until further notice. If your family or income has been effected by Covid-19 please contact us personally for special arrangements. 


AV Kids Miami will be holding auditions for its next production class, VILLAIN ACADEMY! Actors ages 7 to 17 are invited to audition for our ALL AGES acting troupe and actors 13+ for our TEEN acting troupe. Auditions will be held on March 30, 2020 by appointment only. Schedule your audition by calling or emailing.



Villain Academy is a seven-week intensive focusing on character building; EVIL characters of course! This mini session will close out the school year with an evening of redemption for our favorite theatrical villains of all time. These villains will tell you their side of the story through acting scenes and musical numbers plucked from our favorite plays and musicals. This term we have a magical pairing as our Artistic Director and co-founder Vanessa Thompson provides acting coaching and our newest collaborator Darcy Hernandez- Gil provides vocal coaching. Come March, AVK's theater will be a dangerous place with the likes of Maleficent, Jafar, Beetlejuice, The Trunchbull, and others roaming about! Auditions are held by appointment only on March 30th, between 5 PM and 7 PM with performances held on May 15th and 16th. Actors are asked to perform a monologue and singers are asked to perform 32 bars of a song; both from their favorite theatrical villain.



Performance Prep gives students the opportunity to learn the “ins and outs” of theatre performance and production. Meeting twice a week for rehearsal, AVK’s acting troupe members will produce and perform a spectacular play or showcase! Included in the program they’ll receive acting lessons, specialty workshops, and one on one training with professionals from our South Florida theatrical community. Students will gain experience in acting, auditioning, character building, improv, and live performance. Performance Prep is guaranteed to inspire creativity, boost confidence, and sharpen an array of skills! 

Rehearsals held Monday and Wednesday from 5 PM to 7 PM. 


AUDITION REQUIREMENTS – Villain Academy Session

Actors are asked to perform a 1-2 minute monologue, spoken by their favorite theatrical villain. Singers are asked to sing 32 bars of their favorite musical number by a theatrical villain. Roles are available for singers and non-singers alike.


 *By auditioning you are committing to rehearsals twice a week until the performance dates and both performance dates listed below.


Actors meet Mondays and Wednesdays from 5 PM – 7 PM.

(Recommended for actors ages 7 – 17.)

Rehearsal Start Date April 1st ​

Performance Dates

May 15th and 16th


Tuition cost and Scholarship information is available upon request. *


Email info@AVKidsMiami.com to schedule your child’s audition.